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8 steps to filing an insurance claim for your roof

Sep 8

Properly installed asphalt shingles roofs should last for 12 to 15 years. A severe storm can cause damage in just a few hours. It is essential to file an insurance claim if you have been affected by hail or storm damage to your roof.

Filing residential property insurance claims can be complex and result in long waiting periods for settlements if done incorrectly. Here are eight things to remember when filing an insurance claim for your roof.

Examine your roof for damage

You must first get on top of your roof to assess the extent of the damage. You can hire a local roofing company to evaluate the damage if you are unsure or your physical condition doesn't permit you to do so. The contractor may give you a detailed report detailing the damage to your roof and what can be done. Some contractors have certified public adjusters who can help you talk to your insurance company about your claim. Find out more about the roofing services offered by your local company.

Learn more about the coverage of your insurance

Before you file a claim, you must be familiar with the rights under your insurance plan.

Check your insurance policies to ensure that your insurance policy covers your roof damage. Note any other pertinent details, such as damage types and coverage.

Take photos of any roof damage.

To validate your claim, you will need to document the damage to your roof. Photograph all damage. Complete a detailed report detailing all damage and any necessary repairs. The date of the storm that caused the damage is also essential. You should also record any interior damage caused by roof damage.


Photos of your roof taken before damage are great to show the insurer. They prove that the current damage was not recent. You should have photos of the exterior of your house on hand in case you need them to file claims.

Get in touch.

To file a claim, you should contact your agent immediately. Your policy may require you to notify your insurer within a specified time frame after the damage has been done.

Talk to your agent about your insurance policies regarding roof repairs and replacements.

Locate a local roofing company.

You will now need to meet with local roofing companies.

Ask for a written estimate for the cost of replacing your roof. If your roof must be completely replaced, they should indicate this in their report.

Claim your rights

Your agent can help you file a claim using the claim form provided by your insurer. You must include all evidence and information your provider requires to approve a claim.

Include copies of receipts for furniture damaged and an estimate of the cost of repair if interior damage was done. You will need to add this cost if the damage is severe enough that your family must live in a hotel for repairs.

Talk to an insurance adjuster

An insurance adjuster will visit your house to validate your claim and assess the damage. As long as you can manage the situation, you should have your contractor present at the adjuster's arrival so they can discuss your needs.

Replace your roof

After your claim has been approved and the settlement amount is sufficient to repair the damage properly, you can hire your local roofer.