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How to make a home insurance claim for roof damage?

Sep 10

According to Remodeling magazine 2022 data, an average roof replacement cost would be $31,535 for asphalt roofing and $51,436 to replace metal roofing. This will vary depending on your roof size and where you live.

Homeowners' Insurance may cover certain roof damages, but getting insurance payments is not always possible. This article will explain what's covered and what's not. It also includes tips on how to file a claim for roof damage.

Homeowners' Insurance covers different types of roof damage.

Your homeowner's Insurance includes dwelling coverage. This covers your house, roof and structure. The type of roof damage covered by Insurance depends on the terms of the policy and why your roof must be replaced or repaired. A policy typically covers sudden or accidental damage caused by specific events, such as fire, hail, wind, snow, or other natural disasters.

Partial roof damage insurance

Sometimes, damage can reduce the roof's lifespan. Even if the roof is only partially damaged, your insurer may pay for the replacement cost. An adjuster might count the number of hail strikes in one section of asphalt shingles to determine how much damage it has on the roof's lifespan. The roof's lifespan will be significantly reduced if too many strikes occur.

Even if the roof is not absorbing water, erosion and strikes can compromise the roof's lifespan. According to residential property insurance claims, a roof won't last as long as it should and should be replaced.

Insurance to cover roof material and matching issues

Your insurance company might have to replace your entire roof if the materials required to repair it are unavailable. To ensure that materials match, your insurance company may require you to replace the entire roof if you have slate tiles you cannot get anymore.

Wind and hail damage

In the past, home insurance companies have been hit hard by expensive roof claims. Many home insurance companies have different levels of coverage for hail and wind damage than they do for roof damage caused by other causes. This might be something you'll find:

  • If your roof is too old for replacement value coverage, you can only buy "actual cash value" coverage. The depreciated roof's value at the time of damage will determine your insurance reimbursement. This will also consider the roof's age and the materials used to make it. This means you might get much less than you need to replace your roof. The difference will be yours to cover.
  • You may be eligible to purchase roof replacement cost coverage if your roof is in good condition and newer. This will cover the entire cost of a new roof.

Other things not covered

Policies don't cover damage due to neglect of your home. Insurance won't pay for roof repairs or replacements due to wear and tear. You could also be penalized for not maintaining your roof after a storm. You might not get full reimbursement if your roof was damaged or worn out before the storm.

Floods and earthquakes can also cause damage to homeowners' insurance policies, which includes roof damage. If you live in an area at high risk of these disasters, consider flooding insurance or seismic Insurance.

Take into account your deductible.

Home insurance deducts the amount you must pay for repairs before your insurer covers the rest. In certain states, insurance companies may offer a particular deductible to cover hail and wind damage caused by hurricanes. If a hurricane damages your roof, it may be possible to have a higher insurance deductible. You still have to pay the regular deductible for other damage like fire.