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Jan 14

One thing that makes a research process a success is the use of surveys to collect data which then gets analyzed to produce clean and quality data. The surveys are questionnaires tailored to meet the exact goals of the research. At Slice MR, we have the skills and capacity to provide a reliable research service that gives value to your Market Research Panel Companies, money, and time. We have the experts and tools to make everything flow seamlessly without any hiccups that would make the entire research process unsuccessful. Our excellent service over the years has given us a good service track record that puts us in perfect condition to handle your research projects. 

We provide quality client email list management services

At Slice MR, we are perfectly positioned to manage the research emailing and reward processing for your client-supplied customer email list. Our immense understanding of Quantitative Research Companies CAN-SPAM compliance and the ability to maximize the delivery of commercial emails make us the perfect fit to manage client email lists. 

We design everything to perfection.

At Slice MR, we do everything to perfection, delivering something that gives you value and makes you cherish the decision to work with us. Our invitation template works perfectly to streamline client involvement, and we create simplified Survey Programming workflows that simplifies the process. 

We offer a wide variety of research services.

Research involves many processes that must be completed to get the desired result at the end of the process. The various services we offer make it possible to have a flawless research process without any challenges that might hinder the successful completion of the process. Our research services include survey recruitment, cross-tabs/banner tables, translation services, open-end coding, advanced statistical analysis, and more. Our Paid Survey Panels specialists handle every aspect of the research, ensuring you achieve your objectives in time. 

We have 100+ years of collective experience.

Our years of experience collectively put us in perfect condition to deliver excellent service at all times. Our Market Research Panel Companies will work with every client every step of the way, guiding you through every phase and making sure that you can grasp every phase as we proceed with the research completion. Our experience has made it possible to have a good service track record. Call us today and have stress-free and remarkable research services that make you not regret working with us. 

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